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                       Traci Schanen 602-849-0920

 Fitness Center Hours 5AM-9PM  $50 0ne time fee!

 The fitness center is full of energy and liveliness, with its retro colors and functional equipment! Take advantage of the services Traci has to offer at the gym!        

Programs for the New Year are:


Tuesday and Thursday mornings 7AM and 11AM

This 30-45 minute stretch class is designed to stretch, ground and teach stretches using different tools in the class room. Stretches are either standing or seated, and almost anyone can perform these stretches. No clothing change is necessary and lockers are availible in the class room. Learn stretches that you can take back to the office and create habits for good posture. You may pop into class at any time and stay a few minutes or the whole class! You do not have to be a gym member to attend class.

This class is free to the Gateway community and sponored by the Gateway Managment

21 DAY CHALLENGE- this challenge is for all fitness levels!

*Sign-up your TEAM of 5 or people or more and chose your days,time and 2 or 3 classes per week package

*Schedule an appointment for BMI, Body Fat, measurments and weigh-in the week before your class begins

*Per Person-2 class per week package $80     3 class per week package $95

*Included for the 21 Day Challenge-

       Nutrition tips

         Workout routines for days outside the gym

           Variety of fitness disciplines through out the 21 days

              Measurements taken after the challenge

                  RESERVE YOUR CHALLENGE TODAY! I DARE YOU! 602-849-0920    

                                      T-together   E-everyone   A-achieves   M-more



Calm mind- with slow movements, the body and mind learn to relax naturally and gain better strength and balance.

This is the SUN StlyeTai Chi class based on the Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi by Dr. Lamb.  The advantages include promoting correct body posture; integrating body and mind; and improving Qi (life force).Tai Chi exercises the whole body, is easy to learn, and is suitable for almost anyone! 

This is a 7:00AM class or choose a time for your group. $10 per person for this 40minute class. Rejuvenate with Tai Chi by the fountain in the court yard!         Stillness within the movement


WELLNESS WEDNESDAY- Mindfulness, Movement and Lifestyle Change

Learn the simple steps to improving your health and wellness by finding and overcoming your obstacles with movement and nutrition.    Set your S.M.A.R.T. Goals, understand the process of change and discover how fun movement can be. This class in running every Wednesday and you can sign-up each week or whenever a Wednesday works for you. This class is an hour and a half  with learning and movement throughout. 4:30-6:00PM  $20.00 a person per class or set at day and time for your group at the GATEWAY FITNESS CENTER building 3 Lower Level

Let's learn how to put it all together for a better new year and a new you!    Feed your mind, body and spirit well!

You do not need to be a member of the Gateway Fitness Center to attend these classes, although it is recommended, to reach you fitness goals!   


Free orientations for cardio and Strength training machines with workout log and follow-up

Personal Training Special-

8 Sessions for $400.00 plus one FREE Personal Training session and a 1-hourFascial Stretch Therapy session!!!

BMI, Body Fat reading and nutritional evaluation included! Call Traci to get your S.M.A.R.T. goals set for success!

Fascial Stretch Therapy-

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?  Also known as FST, FST is an innovative system of manual techniques and training that can rapidly eliminate pain, improve mobility, restore impaired function and enhance recovery and performance!

Myofascial is a 3D Matrix-Fascial forms a whole-body, continuous three-dimensional matrix of structure support around our organs, muscles, joints, bones and nerve fibers. This multidirectional, multidimensional fascial arrangement also allows us to move in multiple directions!     Fascia is fascinating!

Enjoy a Complementary 20-minute Fascial Stretch Therapy Session! Request an appointment at

FST Special- Purchase 3 sessions for only $150! FST will set you free!

Set up an appointment to let me know what I can do for you!



               Mindfulness note-The breath is the intersection between mind and body


410 N 44th St.

Gateway 3 Building

Lower Level PHX AZ 85008



                               Strength is found outside the comfort zone!