Traci Schanen

SUP Classes

imageimageimageIntro is a 2 hour lesson focusing on fun, Water safety, Equipment, how to's for SUP, Stroke technique, turning, stopping and more! Our lesson starts on land, practicing what we learned in the quiet little bay and moving on to a tour of Harbor Island!  I am there to teach you paddle technique along the way! Enjoy a few challenges at the beach and maybe try a few yoga poses on our return. I will take pictures and video for you! Bring your shades and phone as I have sunglass keepers and dry pacs. Restroom and showers available, but bring your own towels and toiletries!  Great for the whole family to experience! Be Safe, have fun and love the sport of Stand Up Paddleboard!


SUP Yoga classes, 1 1/2 hour

Enhance your Yoga experience in a fun, safe and supportive enviroment. Using your breath, enjoy the Sun, sky and water, will increase ones vital life energy! Challenging, inspirational and fufilling, the SUP added with Yoga brings a greater sense of awareness and self discovery! 

 Classes for all fitness levels,  $45.00  per class! Ask about our specials and packages!

Low Tide SUP Yoga- Great for beginners or any one looking to relax, release and lengthen.This class is mostly seated on the Stand UP Paddle board.

High Tide Flow SUP Yoga- This is an intermedate class involving balance, strength, and endurance using the Ujjayi breath to link the poses together. Learn Vinyassa, Sun Salutation and asanas to build strength, endurance, flexibilty, focus and relaxation.





imageimage Power Sulpt class-Great for men and women who want to gain strength, endurance, flexibilty, and cardiovascular endurance! Starting on the beach and on to the board makes a fun and challenging class! Heart rate and interval training are used in this class for intensity and to help you to quickly reach your fitness goals!


When was the last time you could call your workout intense, crazy fun and physically complete?  This sculpting class is just that on the land and on the sea!

 Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons, Yoga and Fitness are by appointment only.

Typically the times are 9:00-11:00AM, 12:00-2:00PM and 4:00-6:00PM for lessons.

SUP yoga and fitness by request