Traci Schanen

Class Descriptions


Tai Chi-Arthritis Foundation

Tai Chi is a gentle exercise that originated in ancient China. Sun stlye Tai Chi is characterized by agile steps. Whenever one foot moves forward or backwards the other follows. Its movements flow smoothly like water in a river.

It has been proven via scientific study to increase flexiblity, muscular strength and fitness. Tai Chi exercises the whole body, is easy to learn and is for everybody! Tai Chi promotes correct body posture; integrating body and mind; and improving Qi (a life energy which governs all functions of the body and is essential for health and vitality).  

Hatha Yoga

The Sanskirt word yoga means union or "yoking" and has been defined the union of mind and body, heart and actions. This class is focused on beginners and has variations and props to help you learn the poses.  One of the first lessons to learn in the practice of yoga, is proper breath. Each posture or asana will open up to you the more you practice it and you may find you learn something new each time. Gain the many benifits and greater body awareness that result from Hatha yoga.  Let me guide your muscles and focus your mind as you increase strength, stamia, and flexibilty; and reduce stress and blood pressure.


Perfect for everybody and every body! Dance to Latin and world rythms, mixing low intensity and high intensity moves for an interval style,calorie burning and fun class!


High intensity Interval Training is a workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and less activity or rest periods. Boost your metabolism and burn more fat

Walking Class-outdoors

Nothing but good pair of shoes is all you need to get started! A regular brisk walk can help you

  • Maintain your weight
  • Prevent or manage heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
  • Strengthen your bones and muscles
  • Improve your balance and coordination
  • Trim your waist line and improve your health

  In this class we will walk and take advantage of what the outdoors enviroment has to offer, like stairs, ramps, benches and fresh air!

Classes are approximately 50 minutes.   Let's get moving!