Traci Grindel

My Certifications

Fascial Stretch Therapist CFST-Level 2


imageFascial Stretch Therapy, also know as FST,

 is a method of assisted stretching on

and off the table, is effective and

 efficient, and that serves to get you out of pain.


FST can accomplish in 1-3 sessions-

*Improved posture

*No pain allows you to enjoy a better quality of life

*Restoration of normal joint space is ant-aging as its best youth

*Movement without pain

*Enhances sports recovery

*Reduces the chance of injuries in sport, recreational fitness

   and activities of daily living



Lifestyle Wellness Coaching

Lifestyle Wellness Coaching is an ongoing and guided process of dialogue between a client and health fitness professional. It is informed by comprehensive fitness-related data about the clients needs, interests, and personal orientations, and it is directed toward broad-based goals of personal and health gains. Clients are to attain these goals through sustained involement in physical activities, adjusted periodically according to the clients evolving life agendas.

National Exerciser Training Association


Personal Training

Hatha Yoga

Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi

Mat Pliates

Winning Sports Nutrition

Kettle Bells

Hip and Knee replacement Exercises


Senior Fitness

Stability Ball

Paddle Into Fitness/World Paddle Board Association (WPA)

 Comprehensive understanding of all equipment  and choosing proper equipment. 

Extensive water safety instruction from qualified Lifegaurd/EMT's with real life scenario.

 Gain knowlegde ,paddle skills, learning key techniques, turns, water safety, and SUP Yoga and fitness.

Feel safe in the water and on your Stand Up Paddleboard

ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat, or live healthily, your limiting factor usually lies beyond exercise. Poor nutrition is what holds people back. As a certified specialist in this area, I can help you dispel the common myths about nutrition, and then work with you to design a "real world" nutrition plan that you can actually stick with and enjoy.