Traci Schanen

Services & Rates



Gateway Fitness Center classes

Class Rates

$10.00 per class

$12.00 drop in classes

$80.00, 8 classes and get 2 free! 4 get one free!

Classes are approximately 50 min.

Please see Helpful Forms page to print your Release of Liabilty form.

Fill out the form and bring it to your first class!


Fascial Stretch Therapy Sessions

$90.00 per one hour session

$45.00 per 30 min. session

$20.00 15 min. session

New Year special 3 sessions for $150.00  Gift Certificates are available!

See Helpful Forms page, print out your Release form and your FST

intake form and bring to your first session or before!

Complementary 30 minute session 


Personal Training

$65.00 One hour session, 4 sessions for $225.00, 8 sessions for $400.00

$50.00 One hour 2 in group per person

$45.00 One hour 3 to 5 in group per person

See Helpful forms page, print Release form, Goals form and intake form.

Fill them out and bring to our first session! 

To make a purchase, see make a payment page

Make a note of services purchased.

Purchases can also be made at the Gateway Fitness Center prior to class 

   See you in class!





For specific details, simply click on "Contact Me" and shoot me a message or you can give me a call at 602-849-0920